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Residential Tap Fee
The tap on fee for new home construction is $2,500.00 per unit. The tap on fee for an existing home is $500.00 per home. Prepayment of tap on fees is not allowed. Fees may be collected after a building permit has been issued. The tap-on must be completed within one year of the payment of the fee or shall be considered forfeited. Tap-on fees are not transferable to properties outside the development and not transferable to another person, company, or property ownership entity.


Commercial Tap Fee
The tap for for nonresidential construction is $2,000 plus $75.00 per 100
gallons of water usage per day.


Lateral Inspection Fee
A fee of $50.00 is charged for each residential and nonresidential lateral.
A fee of $50.00 is also charged for the inspection of each new grease